As the sole handmaker/ photographer/ worker bee behind The Toke Shop, it gives me an incredible amount of love and gratefulness when people acknowledge my work and take the time to share. Thank you so much for taking the time to share The Toke Shop and my story. Here is a list of amazing press posts and where people are taking about my small shop. <3 


Shaping Fire


Episode 53 of this AMAZING educational cannabis podcast, Shaping Fire, by host Shango Los. So grateful for the opportunity to share my story about my cannabis journey and the products that I handmake and design. Take a listen to the podcast, and get lost in his MANY other episodes ranging all around the cannabis industry. The episode is at: 

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Absolutely love this blog with 19 Marijuana Accessories for Women for Support Legalization and I am so grateful to be included for my 420 bar necklace


My handmade Best Buds necklace set was featured in this 2017 Valentine's Day gifts for stoners <3





The Chronic Crafter

Soooo grateful for Sarah at The Chronic Crafter for sharing my handmade Ganja Girl bar necklace.

I looove her handmade DIY blog with so many creative and fun stoney crafts to make. Check out her blog at